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donald smith

Donald Smith is a person with mental illness with an obsession with documenting people and doxxing activists and community organizers.


Donald Smith hates the police, “ANTIFA”, and anyone who leans “left”. He has lived in Edmonton and currently lives in Vancouver. Right-wing people tolerate and associate with him due to all of his footage, but throw him under the bus when facing criminal charges.

As of June 2020, he is still witnessed recording footage of protestors and demonstrators, however his social media accounts are locked down or taken down due to ongoing legal issues.

Even though he cannot currently upload footage, he may be sharing it with others or may use it in the future. If you see him, please take a clear photo and contact us.

social media links

  • donald2000 (facebook)


Donald Smith should not be underestimated. In November 2019, he colluded with the UBC Free Speech Club and “John Southern” in the doxxing of a sex worker of color, harassed her workplace, and got her fired.

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