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John Southern is from Toronto. John Southern’s hobby involves attending various kinds of rallies, protests, and public gatherings to record people when they are unmasked with the goal of matching his footage of people who are masked up.

John Southern believes he is heroic and putting himself on the line for going into “dangerous” anti-fascist spaces. His ideologies include anti-communism, right-wing, anti-trans, and white supremacy.

Aside from obsessing about Jessica Yaniv, Southern posts a lot about video games on Reddit.

He is currently harassing Anna Slatz, who spoke on a panel alongside Meghan Murphy.

social media links

  • one_day_time (reddit)
  • JohnSouthern4k (youtube, facebook, twitter (suspended around feb 13))

youtube pages (archived)



  • 2020 protests in solidarity with Wet’suwet’en peoples
  • Trudeau/Liberal Party rally
  • Greta Thunberg rally
  • Extinction Rebellion bridge blockade
  • People’s Party of Canada rally
  • GIDYVR anti-trans event

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March 12, 2020
November 22, 2019